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About the festival

Composed by technical and cultural activities, MOBILEFEST - International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity – includes an international seminar, qualification workshops, international exhibition and recognition awarding for the best mobile works and applications. Different from other national and international festivals, MOBILEFEST was created for the mobile era and therefore, is the first festival that accepts submissions of texts, pictures and videos via SMS, MMS or WAP.

The effort of the vent on theses new communication technologies is based on the perception of its exponential growth – at present, there are nearly 3 billion active mobiles in the world – and its crescent use not only for communication between people but, also for educational activities, social inclusion, varied artistic productions, entertainment, security, content production and distribution, configuration of sociability nets, activist actions about health, commerce, advertising, etc.

MOBILEFEST Festival intends to reflect upon this diversity of relationships between new technologies and society in its constant moves and interchanges and, encourage through its main question:

How can mobile technology contribute to democracy, culture, art, ecology, peace, education, health and the third sector?


MOBILEFEST Festival was launched in November 2006 with an international
seminar that happened in Sao Paulo, at Sesc Paulista, live and free broadcast via internet.

In its first edition, it discussed the social, cultural and, aesthetics implications that mobiles and mobile technologies have been promoting on a global scale.

Through its seminar international MOBILEFEST Festival approached the main relationship limits between mobile technologies
(like mobiles, handhelds, notebooks, etc.) and the various segments of society. Besides roundtables and panels, the vent also included an international exhibition and the launch of a recognition rewarding for the best works and applications, MOBILEFEST Awards.

The seminar had the participation of 14 international artists and researchers, and 20 Brazilian artists and specialists during 2 days of activities. The I MOBILEFEST Festival International Exhibition took place at Sesc Av Paulista gallery, with installations and works of mobile art and technology by renowned artists from Brazil, Canada and Holland.

Full Mobilefest Festival 2006 retrospective at media.


MOBILEFEST Festival has as objectives:

- Popularise the mobile technology as to contribute to social inclusion though the generalisation of knowledge, its use and possibilities of interaction promoted by these new communication media.

- Offer the first awarding specialised in recognising works that use mobile technology.

- Promote cultural interchange among national and international researchers and producers of this area.

- Incentive the creative thought and production about the new technologies aiming to expand the possible hardware e software  functions in the technology mobile segment.

- Stimulate the production of content in the mobile technology division in? Brazil in terms of production in the industrial segment as well as from the point of view of the independent creator, thus aiming to seek for balanced ways of relationships between these two players which will not mean mutual negation.

- Enable the participation of all interested in producing and distributing content through the mobile communication networks.
Initiate awareness and mobilization policy of the population through the use of mobile technology in favour of the environment.


Marcelo Godoy


Paulo Hartmann

Director of newTV enterprise of audiovisual content for Internet, mobile and TV.
Executive producer, videomaker and screenwriter, in the last 20
years, Marcelo has been working on advertising campaigns, television
programming, commercial production and Internet broadband and had
produced more than 200 videos for various clients, 2 TV shows,
documentaries in Brazil and abroad.
Marcelo won a Cyber Gold Lion in the 50th International Advertising
Festival of Cannes as Executive Producer for Renault Clio and actively
participated in launching the Internet in Brazil and the area of
mobile telephony.
Creator and presenter of the weekly program of WebTV "newTV" on IG the first program on the new opportunities
of the mobile world. Marcelo speaks italian, spanish, english and portuguese.








Organiser and creator of Mobilefest - International Festival of Mobile Creativity, responsible for for its artistic direction, P&D, international relationship and Mobilefest.Labs.

Paulo Hartmann is a multimedia artist, musician and independent researcher. Graduated in Advertising and Marketing, for 10 years he’s been engaged as a multimedia designer and art director developing internet, e-learning, design instructional, sound designing, cross-media projects, for clients such as ABN-Amro Bank, Unibanco AIG, Grupo VR, BCP-Telecomunicações, Globocabo ( NET), Investshop, HP do Brasil, Fundação Victor Civita and Instituto Itaú Cultural (Itaulab) Emoção Art.Ficial 1.0 – Descendo a Escada, Regina Silveira.
As a musician, he’s involved in researching prepared electric guitar and creation of soundscapes generating real time loops, as well as tele-performance presentations.

Since 2004 he’s represented MEMEFEST, International Festival of Radical Communication, originated in Slovenia , which discusses the concepts and influence of the mass media production and its consequences.

At present , he’s part of a group of multimedia, advertising and art-technology professionals that develop several projects to foment and discuss the impact of new technologies in our society and culture.



For more information on sponsorhip, contact Marcelo Godoy by email:

For more information on institunal partnerships, contact Paulo Hartmann by email:


Rua Helena, 280 cjs. 408/409, CEP 04552-050, São Paulo-SP, Brasil
Phone: 5511 3525 7428


  • Ana Teresa Ralston

    Ana Teresa Ralston worked for Microsoft for 6 years as Education Senior Manager and Academic Programs Manager developed for Brazil. Experienced teacher at public and private schools, she has assisted companies building inclusion programs and educators formation, including at the Research Centre at Escola do Futuro, USP. Recently she worked at Fundação Padre Anchieta - TV Cultura as president assessor engaged as curator of digital inclusion initiative in public and privated access centres. At present she is Education Technology Director at Abril Educação. Ana is graduated in Pedagogy from Mackenzie, is doing a Master's degree at PUC - SP in the curriculum field and holds a Coorporate MBA - Public Management from FGV.

  • Andy Baker

    Andy began MOFILM with Ralph Cochrane & Jeffrey Merrihue after delivering the pioneering Sundance Global Short Film Festival for Mobile in collaboration with the GSM Association, which first saw world-famous filmmakers produce made-for-mobile films. Andy was previously CEO at grounding breaking digital media company DX3, an early pioneer of downloadable music. He has also managed international licensed music and content for service providers globally, with a particular interest in mobile and the African market. Andy has held senior management positions at Mediawave, WebTV, Energis and Cable and Wireless. Andy served in the Royal Signals within the British Army and is a graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University in Communications.

  • Bruno Boulay

    Bruno Boulay is founder-director of TOTEM Records, one of the first independent world music labels in France in the late 80s. Bruno has been engaged with various discographic and performance projects with French and Brazilian artists and, since 2001 he`s directed “bureauexport são paulo”, that aims to follow and support the work of French artists prmoting and distributing catalogues of the Present French Music in Brazil, thus developing actions of cooperation and organising interchance programs among artists and music industry professionals of both countries, helping them accomplish their artistic and commercial projects.

  • Andy Baker

    Andy began MOFILM with Ralph Cochrane & Jeffrey Merrihue after delivering the pioneering Sundance Global Short Film Festival for Mobile in collaboration with the GSM Association, which first saw world-famous filmmakers produce made-for-mobile films. Andy was previously CEO at grounding breaking digital media company DX3, an early pioneer of downloadable music. He has also managed international licensed music and content for service providers globally, with a particular interest in mobile and the African market. Andy has held senior management positions at Mediawave, WebTV, Energis and Cable and Wireless. Andy served in the Royal Signals within the British Army and is a graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University in Communications.

  • Ataíde Jose de Oliveira Venâncio

    Graduated in Mathematics and System Analysis from PUC-RJ. Production and Development Analyst at IBGE, managing since 1990s, the team that develops the Demographic Census verification system.

  • Bruno de Marchi Filho

    Bruno De Marchi Filho (Brau) is one of FunStation's (www.funstation.com.br) founders. Graduated in Information Technology at FATEC-SP, Bruno is also a musician and has acted in the entertainment field, creating in 2005 the porject named "Na Frente das Facus", consisting of artistic performance on the sidewalks of Sao Paulo's faculty buildings, as well as the creation of poins of sales of independent CDs at university unions. In 2006, with Armando Perico, he has created and started developing FUNSTATION, that became FUNSTATION ENT. in 2007, with Marcos Maynard and Armando Perico. In 2010, Bruno creates BANDUP!m.m.e., company oriented to the artistic merchandise segment, including the development and operation of virtual stores (e-commerce). At present, Bruno is strategic director at FUNSTATION Ent. and operational director at BANDUP!m.m.e."

  • Charlotte Burke

    Charlotte Burke, Executive in Residence, BDC Venture Capital. Charlotte Burke is a high energy executive with 25 years experience in operating technology businesses in the Internet, mobile and computer industries. She currently serves as an Executive in Residence within BDC Venture Capital ICT Team, is an Advisor at MaRs Innovation Centre and serves on a number of boards. She also has a successful consulting practice, the Stanhope Group, focused on providing companies with expertise in commercializing new technology and driving business expansion.

  • Dimi Kireeff

    Dimi Kireeff is a musician graduated from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, USA with specialisation in Film Scoring, present director-president of APROSOM, a Brazilian Association of Advertising Phonogram Producers, founded in 1973. Since 1998, he's acted as partner and creative director at S de Samba, a production house that works with the main advertising agencies in Brazil like ALMAP/BBDO, McCann Eriksonn, DM9/DDB, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis and others, assisting clients like GM -Brazil, AMBEV, Kraft Foods, Mastercard among many others. Highly experient in musical direction and soundtrack writing for Rede Globo TV Networks shows such as Norma, Copas de Mel, Retrato Falado and others, and features like Canta Maria, by Francisco Ramalho Jr., Cristina Quer Casar and Por Trás do Pano, by Luís Villaça. At present Dimi's working on the soundtrack of the documentary “O Samba Que Mora em Mim”, feature by director Geórgia Guerra-Peixe about Mangueira hils, a co-production between Brazil and EU.

  • Dulce Maria Rocha Barbosa

    Graduated in Mathematics ( IT modality) - UFRJ
    Master in Software Engineering– Coppe – UFRJ
    Experience in generic systems support and development for critical applications and input of demographic statistic research data at IBGE.
    Management of Supervision system project on Windows Mobile platform for Population Counting system and Decentralized Data Collection of Farming and Cattle Census in 2007 and Demographic Census in 2010.

  • Flavia Fernandes

    Flavia Fernandes has 2 post-grade degrees, in Applied Information Technology and International Business Management, in Canada. At present she is a New Businesses Development Manager at Cesar where she manages product development under SaaS model (Software as a Service) capitalised on the concepts of cloud computing and online collaboration. She also manages a technology company – BCC Brazil-Canada Connections, recently granted with FINEP's PRIME program, and is currently working on the launch of VovoDigital, a product tuned with the growth of Wide Band availability in Brazil.

  • Hank Levine

    Hank Levine was born in Germany and graduated from Film Academy, and in Economics and Media at Freie University in Berlin. In Brazil since 2000, he co-produced the feature films "Cidade de Deus" (“City of God”), by Fernando Meirelles, ("The Constant Gardener", "Blindness"), as well as “Deus Jr." (“God’s Jr.”), directed by Mauro Lima (“Meu nome não e’ Johnny”), and Over the past three years Hank has been directing and producing the feature length documentary" "Abandonados" ("Abandoned"), now in post production, to be released in the second half of 2010, a dramatic sociological portrayal of adoption and children and teenagers abandoned by family and Brazilian society. “Abandonados” is his first sole directing work of a feature length project. Currently in production his newest feature length documentary entitled “Refugee Diaries“; Hank just returned from Senegal where he directed the first part of this socio political drama of global dimension and increasing alarming violent conflicts, accompanying Refugees and illegal immigrants from the African continent, desperate, for economical, political, ecological and other reasons. Besides developing other documentary projects he is writing the script to his yet untitled first fiction feature film , scheduled to go into production in 2012. Hank also produced the award winning documentary "Waste Land" ("Lixo Extraordinario"), a co-production with London based Almega Projects, directed by Lucy Walker and co-directed by João Jardim and Karen Harley, featuring artist Vic Muniz and garbage pickers from Rio de Janeiro's garbage dump Jardim Gramacho on a journey that will change their lives and transform Garbage into Art. The picture world premiered in Sundance 2010 and won the audience award; it had its European Premiere during the Berlinale / Panorama 2010 where it received the Amnesty International Award and again the Audience Award. International distribution handled through Canadian E1Ent , and in Brazil through Downtown Filmes.

  • Jason Silva

    Jason, telecommunication infrastructure professional, has been engaged in creating meaningful and , ubiquitous technology for over 10 years. Having worked for and with some of the major carriers in the world, Jason has founded his own company, JBBMobille Inc., that provides cutting-edge mobile solutions that connect customers, organisations, partners and assets to information and services in real-time and from any location.

  • Marcos Telles

    Marcos Telles is a consultant in long distance and applied technology who assists teaching institutes ans companies. Graduated in Production Engeneering from POLI-USP with specialisation in Business Administration in Delft, Holland, he has acted as main executive in large comppanies always engaged in the changing processes and strategic redirectioning. Highly experienced internationally in the business field, he has assisted various organisations, institutes and international organisms like UN, BID/INTAL and UNIDO. In the teaching field, he was a professor at FEA-USP (Economy Faculty) , FAAP-Communication and FIA-USP, council member at EAESP-FGV and, has created PMEplus a traders formation program in partnership with SEBRAE. Present in the community life, he's been director of entities like FIESP/CIESP and Associação Comercial de São Paulo.His strong concern regarding continuing formation is revealed by the expressive number of specialisation courses and programs taken inland and abroad. Telles is co-author of the book “Tecnologia e Aprendizagem- Tópicos de Integração” ( Technology and Learning - Integration Topics) and co-organiser of the book “A Tecnologia Transformando a Educação - Casos de Aplicação”; ( Technology Transforming Education - Applied Cases). Telles is also the author of Estudo Preliminar da População de Estabelecimentos Industriais do Estado de São Paulo ( Preliminary Study of Industrial Establishment Population in the State of Sao Paulo) published by UN's Economy Council and works like Small Business Revisited and Self -Help Programmes - The Brazilian-Experience, published by UNIDO - United Nations Development Organization

  • Mark Greenspan

    As Chief Operation Officer of Achilles Media, Mark oversees the day-to-day operations of a company that contributes to the success of business community members by providing platforms for the formation of professional relationships and knowledge share. Achilles Media’s portfolio includes the organization of prime international events and up to the minute news, as well as digitally-based products and services (http://www.achillesmedia.com). Mark comes to his role with a decade's worth of international experience in the field of consulting, production and education. He worked for Razorfish - UK and was part of the team sent to open a start up office in Milan, Italy. He has been a lecturer, designing and teaching new media curricula in Singapore, Philippines, India and Canada. He has also set up a boutique digital production agency called methodgroup. Mark sits on various advisory boards including the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, the Documentary Association of Canada's DocSHIFT initiative and the Inside Disaster project. He has also completed a Masters of Education at the University of Toronto and is passionate about community, connectivity and creativity.

  • Mary Grace Martins

    Pedagogist (USP), post-grade in Instructional Design for on-line Education (UFJF), Master in Education (USP), engaged for 10 years in digital inclusion projects,forming educators and students. Ar present, she is consultant for Ministry of Education, researcher at Escola Politécnica, in the Entertainment, Work and Learning Nucleous, as well as researcher at UCA program and Pedagogy Director at Instituto Paramitas.

  • Michael Longford

    Michael Longford is the Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University in Toronto. He is a Co-Director of the Mobile Media Lab (MML), which is made up of an interdisciplinary research team exploring wireless communications, rich media content development for mobile technologies, and locative media practices. He was a founding member of Hexagram: Institute for Research and Creation in Media Arts and Technologies in Montreal, and served for three years as the Director for the Advanced Digital Imaging and 3D Rapid Prototyping Group. He is a co-editor of the recent publication, The Wireless Spectrum: The Politics, Practices and Poetics of Mobile Media (2010), and a co-editor for the Visual Communication Journal published by Sage. His most recent project, Tentacles, co-developed with the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Canadian Film Centre uses the iPhone/iPod touch to create a multi-user ambient gaming experience projected into public spaces. He has organized numerous workshops, artist talks, exhibitions and conferences devoted to design and new media. He has received funding from Canadian Heritage, Hexagram, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), and the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC).

  • Michele Perras

    Michele Perras is a designer and researcher focusing on digital strategy, collaborative innovation and human-centred foresight. She is the Director of the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to design leadership, applied research and innovation in Canada's mobile industry. Over the past decade, Michele has worked with a wide range of organizations in academia, the non-profit and private sectors. Her background is in material culture and goldsmithing, and she is sessional faculty at OCAD University. She has spoken at international conferences on mobile and locative media, entrepreneurialism and design, Michele is a co-founder of the Toronto chapter of the acclaimed Ignite! speaker series, and has produced conferences across North America.

  • Omar Toral

    Omar Toral is Intel's empowerment director of Software Ecosystem for Latin America and member of Intel's Software and Services group which aims to encourage innovation in Intel's technology, adding value to independent software vendors (ISV) through a net of programs oriented to offer the best experience to final users, matching the main abilities of each company.

  • Otavio Donasci

    Born in São Paulo, in 1952, Donasci is an artist engaged in multimedia performances since the 1970s, renowned as stage designer and special events producer, celebrated in the arts and technology field with his videotheatre project, firstly with his videocreatures then, with his multimedia performances.

  • Ralph Simon

    Ralph Simon is regarded as one of the founders of the modern mobile entertainment industry. Over the last decade he has been a prominent global mobile trailblazer and innovator, growing the mobile entertainment and content industry, and playing a central role in its impact and presence worldwide. Simon correctly predicted in 1998 that mobile phones would become the indispensable voice/social networking-and-music companion for consumers and their increasingly mobile lifestyles. He persuaded US music publishers to embrace this new mobile medium by granting the very first ring tone rights. This spurred a whole new mobile entertainment industry in the US and internationally, and Simon was dubbed as ‘Father of the Ring Tone.’ Between 2005-2008, Simon produced the mobile portion of the three highest profile concerts in recent global TV history: Live 8; Al Gore’s Live Earth; and the TED Conference organization’s Pangea Day. Working with Sir Bob Geldof, Bono and the Live Aid organization, Simon brought mobile connectivity to the Live 8 concert that occurred simultaneously in 12 countries and delivered a television audience of over 700m viewers.

  • Renato Cruz

    Cruz also writes about technology for O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, economy session and, has a blog at Estadao.com.br . Graduated in Journalism, Master's and PhD in Computer Science at Universidade de São Paulo. In 2008, he published the book TV Digital no Brasil: Tecnologia versus Política ( Digital TV in Brazil: Technology versus Politics) publishers: Senac São Paulo.

  • Sara Diamond

    Researcher, new media artist and president of the Ontario College of Art and Design (Ocad), has created and directed the renowned Banff New Media Institute. Sara Daimond has established new links between artists, designers, architects, scientists, sociologists and companies. Her lecture will discuss the importance of multidisciplinary practice in projects that involve mobile technologies.